Major Nelson teases Xbox announcement at E3 2013

E3 2013 450x297 300x198 Major Nelson teases Xbox announcement at E3 2013Amidst speculation that both Sony and Microsoft will be announcing next-gen consoles at this year’s E3, Microsoft has done more than fuel the fire. By posting a countdown to E3 2013 on his blog, Director of Programming for Xbox, Larry Hryb, or as you may know him, Major Nelson, is dumping an entire gas can on the fire.

Before everybody gets excited, the blog post doesn’t implicitly say anything about a new console. In fact, the blog post consists of three words, the countdown and a link to the E3 2013 website. But combine the speculation surrounding the “Xbox 720″ with the addition of this countdown that is accompanied only by the words “And it’s on,” and you have a perfect storm of hype and a frenzied cauldron of a guessing game coming down the pipeline from Microsoft.

Regardless of whether the countdown is implying a new Xbox is coming, or the timer is simply Hryb expressing his excitement about gaming’s biggest convention, it would seem as though Microsoft has something big up its sleeve for E3 2013. Now we just see if an arms race builds from this between Microsoft and Sony during the lead-up to E3.

Source: Major Nelson

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