‘Marathon’ trilogy free on Windows, Mac, Linux

Halo developer Bungie announced yesterday, via its Twitter account, the release of its classic FPS series Marathon, free on all computer platforms through Sourceforge.

Bungie released the source code for Marathon 2 back in 1999, just before its acquisition by Microsoft, sparking the creation of Aleph One, a fan-maintained engine for running the game. However, the dev community for Aleph One, described as ‘the open source continuation of Bungie’s Marathon 2 game engine’, has only recently completed work on converting the other two titles in the series.

marathon terminal 300x156 Marathon trilogy free on Windows, Mac, Linux

Reading the terminals brought a rich narrative rarely seen in FPS games at the time.

Originally released on Macintosh in 1994, Marathon is cherished by Mac gamers for introducing new and innovative approaches to video game design that later became mainstays, such as dual-wielding weapons, and sophisticated storytelling (delivered via terminals in the game).

The trilogy is also considered by many to be the spiritual ancestor to Bungie’s perhaps ever-so-slightly more famous Halo series, and in my opinion it is worth playing for that reason alone. If you have maybe found yourself too short on resources to indulge during this release-heavy quarter, here is your chance to enjoy a piece of gaming history for free.

The trilogy can be downloaded from Sourceforge here.


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  1. Sounds great. Downloading all 3 right now. Props to Bungie for giving this out to the community. It’ll be great to see where they came from and what influences might have carried over to Halo it self.

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