‘Marvel Heroes’ lets you be part of the Founders Program for $20 to $200

marvel heroes founder program 300x169 Marvel Heroes lets you be part of the Founders Program for $20 to $200The free-to-play MMO Marvel Heroes introduced its Founders Program on Wednesday. You can get into the free-to-play (yes, I said it twice for emphasis) game early and with a head start by spending $20 to $200 to join the Founders Program which unlocks a load of in-game content.

The starting price of $19.99 grants access to one of 16 Starter Packs featuring a single hero with two costumes and $20 of in-game currency. There’s also a couple of boosters included and two days of early access. If you plop down $60 you can choose between one of 7 Premium Packs that comes with four heroes, eight costumes, $60 of in-game currency, four days of early access and even more boosters. Going the fully monty with Marvel Heroes and dropping two Benjamins ($199.99) on the Ultimate Pack unlocks all 22 characters and all their alternate costumes plus $100 worth of in-game currency. There’s also a full week of early access plus three exclusive costumes one “enhanced” exclusive costume. And the boosters? Try a permanent 5 percent XP boost and item find boost.

Gazillion Entertainment is launching Marvel Heroes for the PC this spring. You can jump in early with a Founders Pack or wait for the full launch to try it out for free with no obligation (but lots of encouragement) to buy anything.

Looking at the Founders Pack options, the $200 Ultimate Pack may be worth it. I mean, how else are you going to get the Samuel L. Jackson version of the Hulk?

hulk sam jackson 610x290 Marvel Heroes lets you be part of the Founders Program for $20 to $200

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  1. im just a 12 year kid, and i am a HUGE marvel heroes fan. i havent signed up for this mmo yet, (my mom is still thinking about it), but i really think 200$ is WAY too much. i mean, if u got those same costumes in real life too, then it owuld b worth it but COME ON, how is anyone supposed to afford that? i would love to make an account and have the ultimate pack, but not for that price. gazillion charges way too much for their marvel mmo games. like shs online, i sometimes play it, but ill never get a memebership. i used to use the mjr11 code on several accounts, but now its expired, and i dont get on a lot anymore :( everything is so expensive these days

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