Microsoft to launch tool that will make moving your Xbox Live subscription easier

Xbox Live Dead Game Tags 01 300x183 Microsoft to launch tool that will make moving your Xbox Live subscription easierTrying to deal with your Xbox Live account information can be, to put it bluntly, a giant pain in the tuchas. Especially if you registered it years ago while still in college, have moved a few times since then, and just can’t seem to get rid of that now-defunct .edu email address Microsoft keeps wanting you to log in with.

Not that that’s happened to me. Or anything. /cough

Anyway, several sites reported today that Microsoft plans to roll out a new tool on Xbox.com that will make moving your account across regions easier to do. NeoWin reported from a tipster in Germany the beta program is already underway for some users, and according to Joystiq the program should launch by the end of the month.

What it will do is allow users themselves to move their gamer tag, and everything that goes with it, to another region through the website. Since Microsoft started allowing region changes back in October, the company’s customer service had to do that and the process could take up to six weeks.┬áThere are some items which won’t move, though, such as region-locked IPTV settings and Xbox Music subscriptions, according to NeoWin.

The last caveat is that you’ll only be able to make a change like this once every three months, which shouldn’t be an issue unless you’re some kind of couch-surfing Halo 4 junkie.

Which sounds kind of cool, to be perfectly honest.

[ via NeoWin, Joystiq ]

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