Microsoft’s Xbox 8 domains spark next-gen console speculation

 Microsofts Xbox 8 domains spark next gen console speculationRumors surrounding the next generation of Microsoft and Sony’s home consoles have been running rampant since before this year’s E3, and many in the industry are adamant that we’ll see at least one new piece of next-gen hardware by the end of 2013.

Though, much to the disappointment of many, not a peep was Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Xbox8.org, Xbox8.us, and a number of related domains including XboxPhone.com, XboxTablet.com, XboxLiveTV.com, and XboxCompanion.com has once again sparked rumors surrounding the company’s Xbox successor. All were handed over to Microsoft after the corporation won two disputes filed in May against a Chinese resident who had been holding on to the domains.

Fervent speculation has resulted in a number of theories regarding Microsoft’s next home console. It very likely could be tied in with the upcoming Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 in some way. Or, perhaps the 8 is not really an 8 at all, but a representation of the infinity symbol. “Xbox Infinity” certainly does sound catchy, but it’s important to keep in mind with all these rumors going around that companies often secure domains for products that they aren’t even currently working on, and may never even make. Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: a new console generation will be coming sooner or later.

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