More character screens revealed for ‘Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’

On the heels of the wonderful Dunmer release last week, Bethesda has released a few more screens of custom characters built in various game previews and if you thought the Dunmer looked good, you haven’t seen anything yet.


Much as the Dunmer (dark elves) showed some changes from Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, so too do some of the other races.  The Orcs, who have, traditionally, not experienced much visual change, now have a leaner, crueler look to them. While Orcs tend to be best cast as brawler-type characters, in previous installments they looked bulky and cartoonish. They have certainly shed that appearance for more of a Lord of the Rings realism. They look like they’re not afraid to flay you to prove a point.

The Wood Elves have also shed their previously faerie/weak appearance, and now look as they should: deadly elven folk who excel at hunting. The dude with the bow looks especially unfriendly. Their High Elf counterparts do not seem to be part of the murderers’ row of characters, but here’s hoping they, too, will loose their less than stellar appearance from Oblivion.

The Redguard and Nord have all taken a more realistic, serious approach (looks like we don’t get to see their prissy Imperial cousins), with little changing from previous installments. They just look much crisper and cleaner. I’ve always been partial to the Nord race for my warrior-type character, but seeing as we’ll be in Nordland, I may have to venture towards the Redguard.

The beastmen are, naturally, my favorites. Take a long look at the female Argonian (the only female on here, strangely enough) and check out the scale detail on her arms and neck. Gorgeous! I have yet to play an Elder Scrolls game without creating an Argonian assassin, and while I’m more partial to the Morag Tong than the Dark Brotherhood, here’s hoping an assassin agency of some type exists within Skyrim. I’d like to think they need people killed as well, but the Nords strike me as the type of people who may just take it upon themselves. The Khajit is gorgeous as well, with far more details, but, essentially, the same look. Isn’t it ironic that of all the races, the Khajit and Argonians were two who never felt cartoony in previous installments? Just keep the skooma locked away from your Khajit thief.

C’mon November 11, 2011 …

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  1. Dark Brotherhood has been confirmed my friend. Nice article, keep up the good writing.

  2. The argonian looks totally basass!!  I’ve always had an argonian character in the Scrolls games and this will be no different.

  3. Holdcarted1 says:

    Seriously considering storming Bethesda studios for this game, who’s with me!

  4. jacob Needham says:

    great article, and count me in for that raid!, I just hope to god these are console screens, some of the textures and quality look absolutely horrid

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