New ‘Dead Space 3′ video explains cover, co-op and crafting

On Thursday, EA revealed a new video for Dead Space 3 explaining some details on co-op, the new cover system and the crafting system. We have already seen in previous videos how Carver’s presence in co-op will help enhance the story, but now we have a glimpse into how co-op will allow gamers to experience different story elements, too. Carver, whose wife was part of a secret Marker research group, is experiencing dementia similar to that of Issac in Dead Space, or the dementia detailed in Brian Evanson’s wonderful Dead Space books. Note the scene in which Carver thinks he’s holding a large tin soldier, but Isaac’s screen shows him holding nothing. Yeah, that’s a nice touch, Visceral.

The cover system also sounds interesting, as it is confirmed it will be neither magnetic nor something you actively need to seek out, but rather something Isaac and Carver will naturally utilize. It’s nice to hear that despite a cover system, the necromorphs will still actively hunt and charge you, which was something we worried about when the cover system was hinted at earlier. The crafting system is further discussed, as well, explaining that Isaac will be able to use his engineer skills to build bigger and better weapons, something which intrigues us immensely.

EA also released a handful of new screens which look to be every bit as creepy and awesome as we expect for the franchise. Dead Space 3 releases for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on February 5, 2013.

[via AGB and Dead Space Facebook]

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