New ‘Dead Space 3′ video shows Kinect commands in action

Last month, EA confirmed next month’s Dead Space 3 will make use of the Kinect, in a similar fashion to last year’s Mass Effect 3. The difference being that Dead Space 3 will be the first title feature Kinect commands in a co-op environment. The information, at the time, was fairly vague and open to speculation. On Monday, EA released a video showing the Dead Space 3 commands in action and we’re cautiously optimistic.

0 New Dead Space 3 video shows Kinect commands in action

Much like ME3, the commands appear to be primarily support-type commands which, while not necessarily adding a new level to the game, will certainly help in tight spots. Our personal favorites include reviving allies and sharing health since we all know damn well one of us is going to need to commands more than the other person. Mmmhmm, you know what we’re saying, Captain Flamethrower.

Dead Space 3 releases on February 5, 2013 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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  1. More voice command features in games I’m playing is making want a Kinect. Your doing something right with me Microsoft keep going.

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