New ‘NeverDead’ Screens show Bryce in action … every piece of him.

Konami has released a fresh new batch of screenshots for NeverDead, which is set to release on Xbox 360 and PS3 on January 31, 2012. We’ve heard plenty about Bryce Boltzmann — the main immortal demon hunter protagonist — and his uncanny ability to remove his limbs for a variety of purposes, and these shots let us see it in action.

Part of Bryce’s appeal is his seeming¬†invulnerability as he is able to be blown apart and reassemble himself. The game touts that gamers will want to use their arms as grenades and their head to find any errant body parts, as well as solve puzzles. From the screens below, it looks like you can also be a heckuva basketball player with your head, too…

Despite the seemingly humorous, in-your-face feel of the screens below, Shinta Nojiri recently told Siliconera that the game is not meant to have a humorous tone. While Bryce may be throwing his head around and cracking one-liners in the trailer, there is a very real and very dark side to Bryce. No matter the tone, NeverDead looks to be one an impressive action title for the early season.

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