New ‘SimCity’ scheduled for 2013 release

simcity5 300x198 New SimCity scheduled for 2013 releaseWith nearly a decade between now and the last time a SimCity title was released, an assumption was made by many that EA had abandoned the franchise in favor of the popular spin-off, The Sims. Still, recent rumors have stirred fans of the city-building simulation into a frenzy, and tonight at the Game Developers Conference, EA and Maxis confirmed that they are, in fact, working on the first new SimCity title since 2003.

Originally thought to be called “SimCity 5,” the reveal trailer refers to the upcoming game simply as “SimCity.” EA Maxis senior vice president, Lucy Bradshaw, claims that fan feedback will play a huge part into the final SimCity product. For the first time in series history, players will be able to add curvy roads to their cities, making it much more realistic.

According to live tweeters at the GDC event, which featured the tagline “power to change a world together,” SimCity will utilize multiplayer aspects to give players a cooperative experience. By linking up with friends (likely via Origin), your actions in building or managing your city will have the capability to affect cities managed by other people.

SimCity has been announced to release on PCs sometime in 2013. Check out the reveal trailer below.

0 New SimCity scheduled for 2013 release

[via Vox Games, Game Informer]

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