New ‘Uncharted: Fight for Fortune’ PS Vita card game announced

It’s okay if this headline sounds confusing. Bend Studio has announced the next Uncharted title for PS Vita, Uncharted: Fight for Fortune, which will be an action card game. I know what you’re thinking: “Finally! I can combine my love of Uncharted and my love of Pokemon into one game!”

0 New Uncharted: Fight for Fortune PS Vita card game announced

The game will allow players to create “factions” based upon favorite characters, and then buff them with Resource and Fortune cards which give them additional abilities and gear. It follows the same CCG style we all know and love, with players battling to destroy the other player’s cards. The game will allow you to play against AI or other players.

While it doesn’t sound like you need to play Uncharted: Golden Abyss to enjoy Uncharted: Fight For Fortune, various Artifact cards will now be hidden throughout Golden Abyss, which may be gathered and give you a leg up in Fight For Fortune. The game will also be supported by future DLC which will most likely provide additional cards for the crazed collectors in all of us.

We’re not sure why, but we’re oddly intrigued by this odd announcement. PlayStation EU Blog confirmed the game will be available in December, 2012.

[via PlayStation EU blog]

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