Nintendo Confirms New Console; Price, Name, Release Date and Tech Rumored

You’ve read our coverage of the heavily rumored Nintendo HD console that is currently slated to be revealed at June’s E3 convention, but it looks like we’ve finally gotten some confirmation from Nintendo’s superstar designer Shigeru Miyamoto that the console does indeed exist.

Miyamoto Project Cafe 300x168 Nintendo Confirms New Console; Price, Name, Release Date and Tech RumoredAccording to the man who gained fame for the creation of the Legend of Zelda and Super Mario series, fans who are craving more information regarding the Nintendo HD rumors that have lit the internet ablaze should wait to hear more soon. In fact, when Edge asked Miyamoto if Nintendo would be unveiling the new console at the enormous industry convention, Miyamoto coyly stated, “Please wait. Be patient until we decide.”

Miyamoto claims that it is not uncommon for Nintendo to be developing new hardware while the current console still has plenty of time left in its life cycle. “Even when the Wii launched we were developing new hardware, work on 3DS had already started,” Miyamoto said. “It’s a matter of when we announce it.”

In addition to that juicy tidbit, IGN has reportedly received more insider information on the console, which has been codenamed Project Cafe. Thankfully, it might not be named that for long, as Nintendo is apparently kicking around several possible names for the upcoming system, including Stream (due to its ability to stream content to the screen on the controller). I’m not sure how I feel about that… I mean, it beats “Wii,” but the fact that it’s the console called “Stream” comes after a system called “Wii” cannot be a coincidence. Also, it’s dangerously close to Steam, the popular digital distribution store for PC and Mac, which could cause further confusion. I’m thinking Nintendo will end up going with something else; but then again, who would’ve thought they’d ditch “Revolution” in favor of “Wii?”

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A mock-up of what the "Project Cafe" controller might look like, which, let's be honest, is just a Wii Classic Controller with a little TV on it. Don't expect this to look like the final controller.

According to IGN, the Nintendo HD/Project Cafe/Stream/Wii 2 will look like a modern version of the Super Nintendo, which makes me instantly go back to the Christmas morning when I found a Super Nintendo/Super Mario World bundle under the tree. The console will be pretty massive, as it sounds like it will end up being around the size of the original Xbox. The controller looks to rival the enormous size of the original Xbox’s controller, as it is currently rumored to have an HD screen that could be touch screen and could potentially be larger than 6 inches wide.

Probably the biggest news from all of this is the semi-confirmation that the new Nintendo system will be more powerful than any other gaming machine on the market. IGN’s sources are currently reporting that the device will contain an AMD R700 GPU, which is more powerful than what we see in the Playstation 3 currently. We know, PC gamers, you guys still have the most power, but really, the fact that Nintendo is gunning for the Playstation 3 is pretty commendable after what we saw from them hardware-wise in the current generation.

So the big question on everyone’s mind right now has to be in regards to the price. With massive power and a high-tech controller, one would think that this device would be among the most expensive we’ve ever seen. Fortunately, those speculators might end up being wrong, as IGN’s source is currently reporting that the upcoming Nintendo console will likely retail around the $400 mark when it hits (which is currently rumored to be in 2012, but could be as early as October according to IGN’s source). Stay tuned for more information as E3 inches closer to us. VideoGameWriters.com will be on the scene to check out the sights and sounds of E3 and the new Nintendo machine.

[via Edge and IGN]

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  1. it looks like a xbox controller but with a screen

  2. Ninxdoh64 says:

    no actually the gamecube was the first to have that controller design

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