Nintendo TVii goes live on Wii U

TVii 300x172 Nintendo TVii goes live on Wii UFollowing the app’s slight delay, Nintendo’s TVii app for the Wii U has officially launched. The best part of the deal is that players who own a Wii U with the most recent software will not be required to download any additional software updates.

To access the TVii app, simply turn on the Wii U and at the main Wii U menu, select the red TVii app along the bottom of the screen. Once in the app, setup is simple. The app will ask users for their zip code and cable provider/package. Then, users will be able to build their profile by choosing from a list of TV shows, movies, sports teams, channels and social networks.

At this time, many of the features are live, but the TiVo and Netflix integration will not be functional until 2013. For now, Wii U users will need to use the separate Netflix app to stream movies and TV shows. Also, at this time the TVii app appears to be moving very slowly, as it is likely being pounded by launch day traffic.

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