Nyko unveils Zoom for Kinect, requires 40% less space

Xbox Zoom product new Nyko unveils Zoom for Kinect, requires 40% less spaceFor we spacially-challenged, the Kinect has proven to be an intriguing, yet sadly impossible device. In case you thought you were the only gamer bemoaning your tiny apartment or 1970s designed living room, worry no more! Nyko, creator of specialty platform peripherals, has officially unveiled their Zoom device for the Kinect, and it is everything promised and more.

The device, which will retail for $29.99, seamlessly hooks onto your Kinect and quite literally zooms the camera in on a smaller space — 40% smaller, to be exact. So how does it work? Pretty well, actually. Nyko’s booth — complete with electric orange wigs and red platform gogo boots (huh?) — demonstrated a variety of Kinect dance and sport games and sure enough, two people were comfortably and effectively able to play in the space generally reserved for one player in traditional Kinect.

With an easy, snap-on design, no additional plugs, software or other hoops to jump through, the Zoom may be the answer to all your Kinect-envy prayers.

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