Piranha explains how to pimp your mech in ‘MechWarrior Online’

mwo customization pimpbot2 Piranha explains how to pimp your mech in MechWarrior OnlineTrue to the pen-and-paper RPG model of MechWarrior, Piranha Games will allow players to customize the armament and armor of their mechs in the upcoming free-to-play PC title, MechWarrior Online. The developers explain how to “pimp your mech” in a new post on the game’s website.

MechWarrior Online utilizes a “Hardpoint” system that lets players swap out different components of their mech including weapons, armor, engines, heat sinks, jump jets, ECM equipment and modules. Equipping your mech is limited by space and tonnage limitations as well as the type of Hardpoint. For example, only weapons can go on Hardpoints meant for weapon systems.

Weapon systems are also limited by the type of weapons used for the Hardpoints. Energy weapons cannot be swapped out for ballistic weapons and vice versa. Different locations on mechs have a different number of Hardpoints depending on the class and type of mech. So, a medium class mech could come with three Hardpoints on its left arm meant for an energy weapon and is equipped with a Large Laser by default. This Large Laser could be swapped out for a combination of Small and Medium Lasers or equipped with a PPC if the tonnage limits are not exceeded.

mwo customization 01 weapon hardpoints 300x225 Piranha explains how to pimp your mech in MechWarrior OnlineArmor for the mech also uses the Hardpoint system and for every one tone of standard armor, the mech chasis is given 16 points of armor. “These 16 points can be assigned to the various sections of a BattleMech. If the player purchases 8 tons of armor for their BattleMech, they can assign 128 armour points throughout,” Piranha explains on the MechWarior Online website.

Furthermore, mech armor is broken down into different locations such as the head, right and left torso, center torso, each arm, each leg and even the rear torso. Armor can be distributed on each location until they reach their max armor capacity.

mwo customization 02 armor hardpoints 300x225 Piranha explains how to pimp your mech in MechWarrior OnlineJump Jets can be equipped depending on if the chasis supports them and Heat Sinks are dependent on space and tonnage requirements. So there will be a good bit of strategery involved in how you loadout your mech before heading into battle. For example, you may want to consider skimping a little on leg armor when heading to a planet that has water so you can equip Heat Sinks there instead to help cool your mech more quickly. Alternatively, battling on an icy planet gives you the opportunity to max out your armor while skimping on Heat Sinks.

Similarly, the module system for MechWarrior Online uses slots to equip the various modules that you acquire as your progress through the game or that your purchase with C-Bills. Again, the number of modules available depends on the mech chasis but unused modules can be saved for other mechs.

As for painting your mech, you can choose between three levels of color (one primary, two highlights) before selecting a camo pattern for your mech. Decal can also be added in predefined places depending on the mech chasis. Pre-defined skins will also be available by progressing through the game or by purchase from the store.

Via: MWOmercs.com where you can check out expanded details on all of the above and register for the upcoming beta test.

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