‘Portal’ creator calls for female developers to rise to the challenge

Kim Swift, designer at Airtight Games and one of the people responsible for the mind-bending hits Portal and Quantum Conundrum,  issued an inspiring call to action for aspiring women in the games industry in her blog. In her post, Swift details the uplifting #1Reason twitter movement and the troubles she’s faced in a notoriously male-dominated industry.

Proudly exclaiming “girls make games too”, Swift outlines what aspiring women should do to get noticed in the hustle and bustle of the games industry: be strong, smart, outspoken, and more.

Swift describes her lack of a having a female figure in the industry to aspire to, and how that should change.  “We need to change the makeup of our industry, because games are a reflection of their creators.”

Swift’s call to action probably hits home for many- multiple times she references the importance of children and their malleability. Touching upon how there weren’t many females in issues of Nintendo Power growing up, Swift asks for women to change this so an example is set for young women (and even men) aspiring to get into game development.

“So I see the solution to this problem coming not a year from now, not five years from now, but twenty. When this current generation of kids sees the good example that we should be setting now. And though we may not be able to tell it completely like it is just yet, there’s still plenty we can do to help future generations of game developers.”

You can, and probably should, read the entirety of her blog post here.

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