Ravens running back Ray Rice wins fan vote to claim ‘NFL Blitz’ cover

NFL blitz cover Ravens running back Ray Rice wins fan vote to claim NFL Blitz coverEA Sports has apparently had enough of fans complaining about the chosen athletes on their covers, as they have put the cover spots to their two latest football titles to the democratic process. We saw it with Madden NFL 12, and now, EA Sports has allowed fans to vote for who they want to see gracing the cover of the upcoming reboot of the NFL Blitz franchise.

The game isn’t actually being released to retail, so rather than having one representative from each team, as was done for the Madden NFL 12 fan vote, EA Sports chose three players to face off in one winner-take-all vote. The field consisted of Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers, Roddy White of the Atlanta Falcons, and the winner, Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens.

As it turns out, Ray Rice is actually a fan of the NFL Blitz franchise. “Blitz is totally different,” said Rice. “I might have to become a believer now in the ‘Madden’ Curse after I’ve seen what happened this year (with Peyton Hillis). I never used to believe, but now I don’t know what to think. I just know that it doesn’t carry over to ‘Blitz.’”

Sure, the game might not actually have a box, as it’s only a digital release, but, as a die-hard Ravens fan, I’m very excited to see one of the top players on the team get some serious recognition in the gaming world. NFL Blitz comes out on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade on January 3rd, 2012.

[Quote via Baltimore Ravens Blog]

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  1. I’ve already heard quite a few negative things about this game that I’m not to excited for. But, nonetheless I’ll still be looking forward to this release, hopefully its don’t as good as NBA JAM was, I always thought that was a decent remake.

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