‘Rayman Jungle Run’ coming to iOS and Android on Sept. 20th

 Rayman Jungle Run coming to iOS and Android on Sept. 20thUbisoft has more plans for the Rayman reboot than the upcoming Rayman Origins sequel Rayman Legends. In addition to Legends, the company will be releasing an iOS/Andriod title called Rayman Jungle Run on September 20th.

Rayman Jungle Run uses similar art assets to Rayman Origins, but streamlines the experience for mobile devices by having Rayman run automatically through the game’s jungle levels. Players must reach the end of the level safely and collect lums (Rayman’s version of coins) using a variety of abilities such as jumping and punching that are introduced over the game’s four chapters. Each chapter contains ten levels, for a total of 40.

 Rayman Jungle Run coming to iOS and Android on Sept. 20th

We’re particularly excited about this due to it looking very similar to Rayman Origins‘ treasure chest levels, which were intense speed runs that required lightening reflexes to complete. Hopefully Ubisoft hasn’t streamlined the difficulty for this mobile release, as it made finishing the levels all the more satisfying. Regardless, anything that gives us more Rayman Origins-style graphics and music is a good thing, right?

No price point for Rayman Jungle Run has been revealed as of this post, but considering it will release in less then two weeks, we should find out soon enough.

[via Venture Beat, Slide to Play]

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