Report: Autumn Steam sale coming tomorrow

BraceYourselvesSteamSale 300x225 Report: Autumn Steam sale coming tomorrowI’ve tried… but I just can’t quit you, Brace Yourself meme.

Speaking of things that are awesome, a blog post from Tamás Bakó, CEO of Artery Studios (who developed Secret of the Magic Crystal) says that Steam’s dropping an autumn sale on PC gamers which stretches from Wednesday, Nov. 21 into next Tuesday, Nov. 27. That includes all the important consumer “holidays” in its scope: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Shop Local Saturday and Walk Off All The Cranberry Sauce I Ate At The Mall Sunday.

I may have made one of those up.

Anyway, Bakó also claimed a Steam winter sale would be coming Dec. 20 through Jan. 4, giving Valve another chance to hoover up any stray money it missed from your wallets the first time around. He said Valve invited them to include Secret of the Magic Crystal in the sale, which will be dropped to $1.99. Bakó and the studio are hoping it will sell 50,000 copies over the course of the two sales.

So far, Valve hasn’t confirmed the sale dates, but they line up with their sales from last year. Consider your budget sufficiently warned.

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  1. Julio Mendoza says:

    Oh, crap.

  2. Dropped almost 2 grand on my cursed vehicle so looks like I’m going without this time around.

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