Rockstar releases leisurely GTA V screenshots

 Rockstar releases leisurely GTA V screenshots

Chomping at the bit for new information on Rockstar’s upcoming GTA V? Well, you’ll have to keep chomping because we don’t anything that even resembles a release date or details, but we do have screenshots! That’s good for something, right? Earlier this week, Rockstar released a handful of transportation screens, and now they have released what appears to be a leisurely set of screens.

In addition to seeing a shiny new styling of the Cheetah (aka Jen’s favorite form of GTA transportation), it looks like players will also have the option of a greener bicycle, and a fighter jet because why not? Tennis and parachuting look pretty enough, and dirt bike racing is always good for something, right? Kind of hard to tell from what appears to be postcard-type screens, but Rockstar is playing it rather coy with this particular title.

Here’s hoping they have something meatier up their sleeve for PAX next week.

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  1. Can’t imagine the jet being player operable but if it is, the series’ history with flying vehicles makes me cringe at how bad it will handle.

    • The series has allows been great when it comes to vehicles and the flying vehicles on San Andreas had amazing handling and yes the jest will be flyable because it looks like the protagonist is in it on the picture.

      • The series HASN’T always been great when it comes to aircraft. The Dodo in GTA III was one of the most angering things I’ve ever had the displeasure of messing with in nearly 25 years of gaming. San Andreas hardly offered improvement upon that experience.

  2. The aircraft in GTA: SA handled great.

    No doubt the aircraft in GTA V will handle even better.

    • I guess I played a completely different San Andreas then, since the aircraft in it was only slightly more tolerable than that of GTA III, which is not saying much.

  3. Child Molester says:

    I can’t wait.

  4. This is just awesome. I cannot wait to live in that house! Own an R8.

  5. I am SO going to blow that tennis court up when this game finally comes out!!!

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