Rumor: iPhone manufacturer may be hinting Project Cafe involvement

omnivision00 Rumor: iPhone manufacturer may be hinting Project Cafe involvementOmnivision, the manufacturer for the iPhone’s well-received cameras, has hinted that their products are involved with a high-profile gaming console that will be revealed soon. In a quarterly results call made last night, the company dispelled rumors of supply issues, talked about an 8 megapixel camera for Apple’s phone, and most interestingly, highlighted what it called a “significant design win” for a new gaming console.

The company already has a deal with Microsoft for the Kinect, so a new announcement from them on the 360 is unlikely. While the NGP — rumored to be named the PS Vita — is also set to feature a camera, it is likely that Sony will manufacture their own. This leaves Nintendo’s new console, codenamed “Project Cafe”, as the recipient of Omnivision’s cameras. This adds to previous rumors of controllers with built-in touch screens, among other things.

One thing is for sure, with all the rumors surrounding the Cafe, Nintendo’s show will be one of the most watched at E3 this coming week. If the rumors of a built-in camera and screen are true, we may have a console that blurs the line between console and mobile device on our hands.

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  1. Unless it turn out to be apples new foray into gaming with a console…

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