Rumor: PS4 constantly records last 15 minutes of play, controller has “share” button

PlayStation Orbis Concept 300x211 Rumor: PS4 constantly records last 15 minutes of play, controller has share buttonFurther rumors surrounding Sony’s next console surfaced yesterday, when Edge released a report detailing aspects of the system’s specs and controller. According to the report the previously-leaked system specs are accurate, and the system will persistently record the most recent 15 minutes of gameplay, from which players can quickly post clips to the internet via the controller’s “share” button.

The next-gen system will have a sharing function that allows players to easily edit and post clips or images from the last 15 minutes of gameplay using a share button included on the controller. The newly redesigned controller will also feature a small touch pad, based on Vita tech, in place of the start, select, and PS buttons, while remaining “the same size as an existing DualShock.”

Edge also reports that system specs will be “more powerful than the next Xbox,” and that the console’s hardware is AMD-based. Impressively, the PS4 can supposedly move data at 176 gigabytes per second.

PS4 controller 300x222 Rumor: PS4 constantly records last 15 minutes of play, controller has share button

Though fake, this design does resemble the one described.

In addition to hardware info, Edge also reports the PS4 will release in North America ¬†and Japan “by Christmas,” with a European release shortly thereafter in 2014. The later European release will also accompany a new PlayStation Eye peripheral.

Suffice to say this news is only rumor, and should be taken with a hefty grain of salt. Some or all of this report may be confirmed on February 20, when Sony has invited us to “see the future.” A share function as described above reminds us of an upgraded version of the share button on the OnLive controller; the ability to edit clips would certainly be a plus. A PS4 release in 2013 almost seems too good to be true, but far from unwelcome.

[via Edge and VG24/7]

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