Rumor: Sonic Generations Stages, Bosses, and DLC revealed

sonic generations 01 300x165 Rumor: Sonic Generations Stages, Bosses, and DLC revealedSonic fans have gotten plenty of bits and pieces of information about Sonic Generations, but today a unofficial list of details on levels, bosses, and even DLC has been revealed. This information initially came courtesy of the Sonic Retro forums, whose members did some techie detective work on the Sonic Generations demo. But all information was removed shortly after with a copyright notice in its place:

“This post is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Sega of America.”

It was later covered by Destructoid, and their article was also removed for unknown reasons.

Be warned that this list is very spoiler heavy, and it probably does not reflect the 3DS levels as those will be portable-centric. Also, we want to emphasize that it may not represent the final list of content in Sonic Generations. And, it goes without saying that it may not represent the official list of content whatsoever. It is curious that 2 posts were already removed, however, and we’ve got an official request in to SEGA PR for a response.


[Sonic 1] Green Hill Zone
[Sonic 2] Chemical Plant Zone
[Sonic 3 & Knuckles] Sky Sanctuary Zone
[Sonic Adventure] Speed Highway
[Sonic Adventure 2] City Escape
[Sonic Heroes] Seaside Hill
[Sonic 2006] Crisis City
[Sonic Unleashed] Rooftop Run
[Sonic Colors] Planet Wisp

Boss fights:

[Sonic 1] Metal Sonic
[Sonic and the Black Knight + more] Shadow
[Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sonic Rivals 1/2] Silver
[Sonic 2] “Death Egg”
[Sonic X + more] Perfect Chaos
[Sonic Unleashed] Egg Dragoon
[New boss?] Boss LastBoss (TimeEater) (That’s just what the file calls it.)


[Sonic 2] Casino Night Zone

Adding validity to this information, however, is a 2 week old post from TSSZnews.com, listing nearly the same stages from “an exclusive source.”

As a game that’s based around 20 years of the franchise, we’ll be finding plenty of classic moments along with modern twists on the seemingly familiar gameplay. As seen by the above list, it will represent a wide range of games like the original Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic 1), Sonic Adventure, and even the recent Sonic Colors. Green Hill Zone is an upgraded version of the classic stage of the same name, featuring full 2D gameplay and is already arguably the most popular stage because of it. You can download this as a free demo for a limited time. Another stage they’ve shown off is City Escape, which was featured in their E3 trailer and combined 2D Sonic with 3D Sonic gameplay, with each being seperated into their respective parts of the whole.

A lot of people will remember some of the stage names, and bosses, from past Sonic games. It’s unclear how far these will differ from their original inspirations, but as seen with City Escape and the game concept in general, you can expect to get an even mix of 2D and 3D Sonic. To those who haven’t experienced every Sonic game, this will also bring some fresh experiences through stages that may have never been played initially. Whether you’re a major fan or Sonic vet who has passed up on many of the modern games, Sonic generations is looking to be very well rounded.

At the moment, Casino Night Zone seems to be the only DLC and is available to people who pre-order the game. Considering how much nostalgia is involved, this is likely enough added incentive for any Sonic fan to want to buy the game at launch. Consider how much we loved Ocarina of Time on the 3DS, if nostalgia sells well, then Sonic Generations may be set to be the best Sonic game released in a long time.

[Via Sonic Retro (info removed by Sega)]

[Thanks to @SteveMightSay on Twitter for pointing us to the TSSZNews article]

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