SEGA: ‘Sonic Generations’ is a turning point in the franchise

1219784882919by0 300x225 SEGA: Sonic Generations is a turning point in the franchiseGo ahead, admit it. You want to be excited about Sonic Generations, but you understand that the “Sonic Cycle” that occurs every single time a game in the series has been released in the past decade, is a very real thing.

Players hear about a new Sonic game, get excited about the prospects of it “turning the franchise around,” then, when more is revealed about the game, hope drops. Finally, the game is released, and fans, as well as critics, bash the living daylights out of it.

Strangely enough, Sonic Generations has gotten fairly close to release, and it still hasn’t given fans reason to lose hope. In fact, all previews and hands-on impressions have been very positive so far. So is the game going to perpetuate the popular internet meme, or, like the under-appreciated Sonic Colors, will it shatter it?

According to an interview with PocketGamer.co.uk, Sega producer Takashi Iizuka, Sonic Generations will, in fact, be a turning point for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. “Sonic Generations sort of acts as the end of one period,” said Iizuka. “After Sonic Generations, we will work on new Sonic titles. There’s going to be a whole new adventure, of course. […] We’re going to continue to explore the reimaginationing of classic Sonic, but at the same time we will also keep looking into the gaming space around modern Sonic games.”

sonic generations 20110721025019803 300x148 SEGA: Sonic Generations is a turning point in the franchiseAs for the Sonic Cycle, Iizuka was well aware of the reasoning behind the decline in quality and has taken measures to fix it. “So originally it was more or less the same team working on all the different Sonic titles, but after a few years, for various reasons, we started to delegate Sonic games to different groups of people,” he said. “And everyone in the office has their own idea of what Sonic should be, so we started to see slightly varied, slightly different directions of Sonic games. I was conscious of this, so I’m now back with full responsibility of all things Sonic. I have control over the direction of not just Sonic Generations, but all the Sonic titles that we will develop in the future. So I have more control, and hopefully this will provide better appearances for future titles.”

It certainly sounds like Sega is out to make a statement with Sonic Generations. You can check out the full interview with PocketGamer below. Sonic Generations is set to hit right at the beginning of the most chaotic month in gaming history, on November 1st.

[via PocketGamer]

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  1. Brian, what if I told you I wasn’t excited at all for this.

    • Then you aren’t excited at all. I’m a sonic fan from the old days, so I can’t wait to play a good sonic game after 10 years. 

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