Senior staff at UK retailer GAME told to prepare for administration period

game store 300x225 Senior staff at UK retailer GAME told to prepare for administration period

Another possible nail in the brick-and-mortar retail coffin.

The UK’s biggest brick-and-mortar video games outlet, GAME, has been having a tough time in recent months, with rumors of them holding back pay to improve end-of-year figures, and losing distribution rights for games such as Mass Effect 3. The outlook grows decidedly more grim this weekend as CEO Ian Shepherd has gathered senior staff to tell them that the business has around two weeks before it will go bust.

Entering administration, in UK terms, means that a company will continue to do business for a short period while it tries to find someone to buy it out. In practice, when a business goes into administration, it tends to lack that certain je ne sais quoi that makes people want to invest money in them. Oh wait, I remember what it is now: financial security.

GAME are currently trying to shift lower-demand stock through a sale on their website that has already seen some rather tantalising bargains, such as Warhammer 40k: Space Marine for around $10, and Brink for $5. For $5, almost any big release is worth a look.

In two weeks’ time, there may just be some serious bargains on the UK high street.

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