‘Sonic Generations’ 3DS holds bonus stage and missions via StreetPass

sonic 300x167 Sonic Generations 3DS holds bonus stage and missions via StreetPassFans of the Blue Blur have a (hopefully stellar) double-dose of Sonic coming their way this November, as Sonic Generations zooms onto both HD consoles as well as a unique version for the Nintendo 3DS. One of the handhelds most promising features, StreetPass, has been neglected lately, but SEGA is breathing some life into it with newly revealed StreetPass features for the 3DS version of Sonic Generations.

According to the official game page on Nintendo of Europe’s website, Sonic Generations will utilize StreetPass by unlocking content and “new missions” based on interactions with other players. One piece of content is apparently an exclusive stage for the single player game. SEGA hasn’t gone into detail regarding the missions or bonus stage, but it’s a safe bet that iconic characters and costumes might make an appearance via StreetPass.

All those 3DS Play Coins you’ve been stocking up can also be spent in-game to purchase “new challenges,” though again specifics were kept to a bare minimum. Perhaps time trials or mini-games? Additionally, multi-card play will support a 2 player versus mode, likely similar to the multiplayer races in the DS version of Sonic Colors.

Again, the details are purely speculative, but it looks like 3DS owners of Sonic Generations have some exciting StreetPass features to look forward to this November.

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