Sony patents used games prevention method

picard facepalm 300x197 Sony patents used games prevention methodBack in 2012 (oh, so long ago!), rumors circulated that Sony’s next console would feature anti-used game technology. Rumors heated up in the fall of 2012, and sure enough, it was unveiled Thursday that Sony filed a patent in September that would all but kill the used game market. The technology would essentially use a DRM system that would marry a copy of a game to a specific console/user. Meaning that only your PS4 and your PSN tag could use a game. From the patent’s abstract:

A game playing system includes a use permission tag provided for use in a game disk for a user of a game, a disk drive, and a reproduction device for reproducing the game. The disk drive reads out a disk ID from the game disk. When the game is to be played, the reproduction device conveys the disk ID and a player ID to the use permission tag. The use permission tag stores the terms of use of the game and determines whether a combination of the disk ID and the player ID conveyed from the reproduction device fulfills the terms of use or not.

Despite the fact that the technology has been patented, it’s important to remember that companies file for all kinds of patents that never see market. While used game sales are a huge bone of contention for developers and publishers, this is the type of technology that would cause shockwaves through the industry on multiple levels. It’s the type of “feature” that could either give the console an edge or kill it utterly, and something tells us Sony isn’t that keen on the latter. Or the PR fiasco that would be explaining how this benefits we the consumers.

But hey, what better way to ring in 2013 than with some good ol’ fashioned outrage?

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