Sony teases ‘Jak and Daxter Collection’ trophies

Fans of stellar platforming have a special treat heading their way next month when the Jak and Daxter Collection hits shelves exclusively for the PS3.

In addition to being remastered in 720p HD, the collection  will also have more than 100 trophies to collect (including 3 Platinums) across its three titles. So not only can you have the personal satisfaction of finding every last hidden egg in The Precursor Legacy, but you can also show your true devotion by grinding out achievements as the franchise devolves into a mish-mash of GTA/Tony Hawk/shooter clones in the sequels.

Set your calendar for Feb. 7 to grab the collection when it hits retail for $39.99 (easily worth it for the chance to play the original in full modern-day glory; consider the sequels as bonus material). In the meantime, behold the trickle of information teased by the US Playstation blog, with a list of sample trophies:

Pedal to the Metal Destroy Metal Kor at Nest Gold
Purple Pain Navigate the Purple Precursor Rings Bronze
The Super Orberator Collect 2000 Precursor Orbs Gold
Testosterone Pass the Tests of Manhood Silver
Just the Artifacts Ma’am Find 3 Artifacts in Mountain Temple Bronze
What’s That Smell? Escort Men Through Sewers Bronze
The Beast Beater Destroy Metal Head Beasts Bronze
Gate Crasher Masher Defend Spargus’ Front Gate Bronze

jak trophies Sony teases Jak and Daxter Collection trophies

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  1. Wish I cared about trophies half as much as I do achievement points.

  2. Brian White says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on that game! I want to play Jak and Daxter a lot more.

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