‘Soul Sacrifice’ coming April 30th, preorder bonuses revealed

soulsac box 236x300 Soul Sacrifice coming April 30th, preorder bonuses revealedThe PS Vita may low on the big releases in 2013 so far, but owners will at least have one thing to look forward to with Soul Sacrifice now confirmed for an April 30th release date. The game, which is being developed by Marvelous AQL and legendary designer Keiji Inafune, features a unique, albiet gruesome, core mechanic that sees players “sacrificing” body parts in order to execute powerful spells. North America will actually be seeing the title before any other region, with a European release following on May 1st and the Japanese release falling a whole week later on May 7th.

For those interested in preordering, Soul Sacrifice comes with a number of exciting bonuses. First, all preorders will get exclusive in-game content that will not be made available anywhere else. These bonuses include two special costumes to customize your character with as well as three magic items that can be used in battle. The items – a Spirits’ Flamepike, Spirits’ Blightstone, and Spirits Fulgurwood – deal fire, poison, and thunder damage, respectively.

SouSac prebonus Soul Sacrifice coming April 30th, preorder bonuses revealed

The above costumes will only be available with preorders of the game.

Finally, those who preorder will also get another interesting freebie: the game’s original Japanese voiceovers. While the Japanese audio tracks will be available as a paid DLC purchase for those who don’t preorder, anyone with a penchant for Japanese voices would be best off preordering to secure the feature for free. It goes without saying that this sets an interesting precedent -– generally games have offered dual audio straight out of the box, but perhaps this will be a way for more companies to afford multiple audio options in the future? 

Soul Sacrifice recently received a massive demo in Japan, but there still hasn’t been any word as to whether it will be made available overseas.

 [via The Official PlayStation Blog

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