‘Special Forces’ multiplayer mode demonstrated for ‘Mass Effect 3′

EA have released a trailer this morning showing off at least one variant of the multiplayer on offer in the upcoming BioWare sequel to Mass Effect 3.

0 Special Forces multiplayer mode demonstrated for Mass Effect 3


Given the title of ‘Special Forces’ mode, this approach to the Mass Effect universe essentially looks like the RPG now has a proprietary Horde mode. Given the setting, I’d compare it most closely to Halo’s Firefight, with strategy elements bolstered by the various races and classes available.

Of those races and classes, it all looks to be comfortable fare for regular players: Human, Quarian, Turian, Krogan and Salarian represent the ‘good’ races, with enemies looking to be at times unfamiliar. In terms of classes, things look to echo the single-player choices that are part and parcel of the ‘classic’ Mass Effect experience, split into roles such as Vanguard, Soldier, et cetera.

Race and Class combinations as demonstrated in the video are thus, alongside their combat abilities:

  • Soldier Human – Adrenaline Rush, Concussive Shot, Frag Grenade
  • Engineer Quarian – Incinerate, Cryo Blast, Sentry Turret
  • Vanguard Drell – Biotic Charge, Pull, Cluster Grenade
  • Sentinal [sic] Turian – Warp, Overload, Tech Armor
  • Vanguard Asari – Biotic Charge, Stasis, Lift Grenade
  • Infiltrator Salarian – Energy Drain, Tactical Cloak, Proximity Mine
  • Soldier Krogan – Carnage, Fortification, Inferno Grenade

If this is all the multiplayer that we’re going to get, then I think we’ve come out okay. So many games these days are throwing in their own Horde mode variants that it’s not such a great trampling over hallowed material for BioWare to have introduced it onto their final outing for Commander Shepard. And to be honest, some of the co-operative attack strategies on display look pretty boss.

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