Specs leak for next Xbox, PS4 says it’ll go second

VGLdurangospecs 300x260 Specs leak for next Xbox, PS4 says itll go secondThe collective gaming world is waiting with baited breath for any news on the next generation of consoles coming from Microsoft and Sony. Today, they got a little bit of both.

The website vgleaks.com posted what they claim are the hardware specs for the next-gen Xbox, code-named “Durango.” It matches earlier reports that the system will have more in common with high-end PCs than prior consoles, but of course there’s nothing to solidly confirm this is exactly what Microsoft’s next console will look like.

According to the specs Durango will have an 8-core processor, a custom GPU, 8 GB of RAM and a Blu-ray disc drive, along with other numbers for people who prefer their hardware porn on the hardcore side of things. It’s similar to what EuroGamer says the PS4, aka “Orbis,” will sport: however, Orbis reportedly has a better-equipped GPU capable of crunching graphics data faster than the Durango. Whether that’s purely academic or an actual visual difference will have to be determined once the consoles launch with actual next-gen games.

Speaking of launch, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai said today he’s content letting Microsoft announce their next console before Sony does. Hirai told the Times “why go first when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?”

Since it’s awfully late in the cycle to change anything about the next PlayStation, it’s more likely that Sony wants to adjust what they show and tell with their console based off how Microsoft does. I’m also looking back at the prediction from Baird analyst Colin Sebastian that Sony will have trouble keeping their high-performance machine’s production caught up with the demand, and it’s possible any delays with announcements or showing off machines could be because Sony wants to make sure they have all their ducks in a row before putting their next console in front of the public’s eyes and making promises about when they can ship them.

[ via vgleaks, Eurogamer, IGN ]

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  1. I cant wait. Sony has learned a lot this gen. Lets hope pricing reflects that. I feel sony has better consumer loyalty than microsoft, mainly because of ps+ and hardware quality. Either way both machines sound amazing I cant wait :)

  2. I’m really curious to know how both companies are going to handle the Hard Drive issue this go round especially if they are expecting us all to download more games, more movies, more apps… 500GB or lower is a joke at this point.
    My thought is that they should really have a dedicated plug and play external option. No having to format it, no screwdrivers, just plug in and the console does the work. I still don’t know how to format an external drive for my PS3. And they have to offer BIG Drives. At least 1TB or bigger in size. HD movies east up space … big time. I’m tired of making more room to watch a freakin’ movie. And most people don’t know how to format ( even with the kooky directions you find on line) …….. come on guys, think ahead.

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