Square Enix announces 3DS Final Fantasy Game ‘Theatrhythm’

Theatrhythm 300x206 Square Enix announces 3DS Final Fantasy Game Theatrhythm

Theatrhythm, as revealed in Jump Magazine

Not content baffling your cortex with portable Final Fantasy game titles like Dissidia 012 [Duodecim], Square Enix has announced that it is developing a brand new Final Fantasy entry for Nintendo’s 3DS called Theatrhythm. We triple-checked. It isn’t a typo, and it is definitely a music/rhythm game.

According to Andriasang, the developers are describing Theatrhythm Final Fantasy as a “Theater Rhythm game” that still boasts all the trappings of a Final Fantasy game – dungeons, town squares, battle scenes, and a storyline. Where things get rhythmic is how these events play out, which, on paper at least, reminds us of Patapon. Actions are carried out by tapping the screen in response to prompts.

The only characters we’re aware of are Lightning, Cloud, Onion Knight, and Warrior of Light. They’re rendered in a “Chibi” art style (prominent in manga, where the characters are super-short and sometimes childlike; in the US we may call it “super-deformed). While plot details are thin, we’re quite certain there will be crystals. And light. And some Sephiroth.

Not much has been revealed about the game’s soundtrack – surely a key player in the overall experience – but we’re hoping that Square Enix takes the same approach they did with the Dissidia series and represent several iconic themes, and hopefully layer in some updated remixes of series’ favorites.

We’ll know more when this week’s issue of Famitsu hits Japanese shelves. Until then, go ahead and say “Theatrhythm Final Fantasy” a few times outloud and reassure us that it doesn’t sound ridiculous as it seems to? And can someone please get to work making Elite Beat Agents 2?

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