Square Enix opens ‘The World Ends With You’-related teaser site

TWEWY teaser 300x275 Square Enix opens The World Ends With You related teaser siteWe don’t normally like to report on “announcements of announcements,” but in the case of this newly-opened Square Enix teaser site, we’re just too excited to pass this one up. Generally, countdown sites are relatively vague in terms of what announcement they’re teasing, but it’s pretty obvious that Square Enix is going to announce something related to The World Ends With You when the timer reaches zero in six days.

Not only does the site feature font highly reminiscent of the popular Nintendo DS title, but the URL contains the phrase “subaseka,” which is the shortened form of The World Ends With You‘s Japanese title, Subarashiki kono sekai. In addition, the copyright information at the bottom of the page reveals that Tetsuya Nomura and Gen Kobayashi are in charge of the project’s character designs. Adding fuel to the fire are the numerous comments Nomura has made over the past few months regarding the possibility of another The World Ends With You title, leading fans all over the globe into a speculative fervor.

Of course, this announcement could be anything from a 3DS port of the original The World Ends With You, to a spin-off mobile phone game destined to only be available in Japan. Or perhaps Square Enix will throw us a bone and release a full-fledged sequel to the innovative title. If that is indeed the case, our money’s on it being exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS.

One thing’s for sure: We’ll have our answer by the end of the week. In the meantime, check out the hidden BGMs set to be released on the site over the next few days here and here.

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