‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ changes coming from player feedback

SWTORsmug 300x168 Star Wars: The Old Republic changes coming from player feedback Just a few weeks after going free-to-play, BioWare announced they’re making tweaks to Star Wars: The Old Republic based on player feedback.

The changes were listed in a developer blog posted today by Executive Producer Jeff Hickman, and specifically affect the amount of quickbars and character slots players of all pay levels have access to.

Hickman said starting today, they will double the amount of quickbars Preferred-status players (anyone who’s spent money on the game, including a $5 Cartel Coin purchase) have access to from two to four. Anyone who purchased additional quickbars previously will get a refund.

In a later patch, Preferred-status players will also get four more character slots, giving them access to a total of six characters. Meanwhile, subscription players will see their limit of 50 character slots removed entirely, letting them make “your own army of Troopers or a legion of Sith Warriors”, according to Hickman.

There’s no ETA on that later patch, but Hickman encouraged people to keep sharing their feedback about changes in their MMO.

“Your feedback is critical to the success of TOR, and of special interest to us,” he said in the post. “Even if we can’t respond to every post, know that we’re listening and looking to enhance The Old Republic gameplay experience based on player feedback.”

The quickbars were one specific sticking point about the free-to-play transition we called out in our previous impressions article, and it’s good to see such a quick move from BioWare to address it. It’s also possible that certain restrictions that people felt didn’t make much sense, like the inability to hide your head slot, might be switched back on for Free or Preferred players, especially if they don’t sell on the Cartel Market.

What do you think about these changes, and their promise that BioWare’s watching player feedback? Are there other areas you think they may dial back their free-to-play restrictions?

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