Steam Big Picture exits beta, Valve throws a sale

steam big picture 01 300x126 Steam Big Picture exits beta, Valve throws a saleSteam’s Big Picture mode successfully exited the beta phase on Monday and is now a full-fledged release for PC and Mac owners. To celebrate, Valve is throwing a sale on controller compatible games. Not that Steam ever really needs a reason to throw a sale.

The Big Picture mode is a user interface overlay for PC gamers who prefer to partake of their past time from the comfort of their couch with controller in hand and in front of a large screen HDTV. It’s been designed for use with gamepads while still working with the traditional keyboard and mouse combo.

You’ll have full access to all of the games in your library along with friend’s lists, communities, and everything else you have with the normal Steam UI. Valve also threw in an in-app web browser and a “Daisywheel” control scheme to make typing text easier with the controller.

There’s currently list of 41 titles that fully support being played with a gamepad controller with another 387 that have partial support. 21 of the fully-supported games are now on sale at Steam with up to 75% off the regular price through Dec. 10. Highlights include Portal 2 for just $5, Sonic Generations for $7.50, Mark of the Ninja for $10.04 and Hell Yeah: Wrath of the Dead Rabbit for $3.74.

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