When a Kickstarter turns against you: A conversation with Code Hero’s Alex Peake

Primer Labs' Alex Peake.

The past 24 hours have been rough for Alex Peake and the rest of the team at Primer Labs. As the developers behind Code Hero, a serious lack of communication resulted in one of their Kickstarter backers, Dustin Deckard, reaching to the page’s comments section, and announcing that he was looking into the possibility of […]

Sunday Sidebar: Meet Alex Peake of Primer Labs

Meet Alex Peake.

Greetings all, and the indie game train makes another stop for this week’s Sunday Sidebar. This week I spoke to Alex Peake, who is the leader of Primer Labs, a company working on frankly fascinating piece of software that is part-game, part-teacher, and full of potential. Alex is a vibrant member of the ethical hacking […]

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