Your Franchise Sucks: 1st annual “E.T. Awards” (Worst of 2012)


Welcome to Your Franchise Sucks’ first annual E.T. Awards. The show in which we salute the very worst 2012 had to offer us. Join Jen, Brian, Jim,  Adam Greene from Marooner’s Rock, Kyle Gaddo from The Gaming Vault and Max Parker from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette as we discuss NeverDead, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Amy and even Assassin’s Creed III. As we […]

VGW’s first annual E.T. Awards (aka Worst games of 2012)


It simply wouldn’t be fair to praise the Best of 2012 without also acknowledging the Worst Games of 2012. The Your Franchise Sucks crew presents to you our first annual E.T. Awards. Yes, NeverDead appears on the list a few times, and yes, you’ll have to tune into the podcast to see which of these nominations […]

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