Review: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon


Lasers, Laughs, and Little Richard Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a love letter to 1980’s action movies. Everything about it is badly written (on purpose), filled with campy dialogue, one-liners, and a truckload of hilarious, off-the-wall action. Throw in some Michael Beihn for good measure and you’ve got yourself a party. If you’ve played Far […]

Essential Gaming: Top Five May 2013 Video Game Releases

May 2013 Video Game Releases

May 2013 is a deceptively busy month. While there aren’t many triple-A blockbusters, there is plenty to choose from. From sequels to cult hits to a re-release that hopes to fill the Donkey Kong-shaped hole in the lives of many 3DS owners, the May 2013 video game releases could mean a big month for many […]

Far Cry 3 review


The Far Cry series has always had that of a devout yet cult following, perhaps both because the first installment was PC-exclusive and because each game features a unique location and story. That is to say there is no common, uniting element beyond that of you needing to kill your way out of a difficult […]

Essential Gaming: Top Five Games for December 2012

December 2012 Video Game Releases

After three stellar months of releases, finding five strong games in December proves slightly more difficult. If you aren’t already buried under the avalanche of titles from the holiday explosion and the Wii U launch, chances are, you won’t find much more in the December 2012 video game releases. The month is not without its […]

Unlimited Ammo #58: The Speculation Hour (Audio Version)


On this episode of Unlimited Ammo, the podcast crew discusses the bizarre Wii Mini, the huge Destiny leak from Bungie, and a bit of Far Cry 3. Plus, we dive into plenty of speculation about the next generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft, as well as which game reveals and trailers might air on […]

New ‘Far Cry 3′ trailer shows us Vaas and Buck


Ubisoft has revealed the lastest Far Cry 3 trailer, introducing us to Vaas and Buck, two of the principle “gentlemen” we’ll be meeting in the single player campaign. And by gentlemen, we mean a sociopath and what appears to be a cannibal. It wouldn’t be Far Cry 3 without a little bit of the insanity, right? Far […]

New “Survival Guide” welcomes you to the harsh world of ‘Far Cry 3′


If you haven’t realized by now, the worlds of Far Cry games are as beautiful as they are deadly. From the tropical archipelago of the original, to the wild grasslands of Africa in Far Cry 2, Crytek’s flagship series has always demonstrated gorgeous, open-ended environments that become a supporting character all their own. Far Cry […]

Co-op demo for ‘Far Cry 3′ shows characters and story


Ubisoft has released the E3 co-op demo for this winter’s Far Cry 3, introducing us to the characters and story. As was previously confirmed, Far Cry 3 will be set across an archipelago, which each island representing a different facet of the game (single player, co-op, multiplayer, etc.). This video shows us the co-op island, the story […]

New details about ‘Far Cry 3′ may excite or disappoint


A handful of new details about Far Cry 3 have been revealed, thanks to Stephen over at Kotaku. Some of them may either disappoint or excite you, depending on what you did and didn’t like about Far Cry 2. First is the list of stuff that won’t be making a comeback: Malaria pills. Now granted, I realize you […]

Top 10 most anticipated video games of second-half 2012


We’ve already named our most-anticipated games of 2012, but with some of them out and others being pushed back to 2013, we feel it’s best if we revise the list — especially after everything we saw at E3 and PAX East. Check out our new top 10 list of the staff’s most-anticipated games for the […]

Ubisoft confirms delay for ‘Far Cry 3′ — new release date in December

Far Cry 3 screenshot

Today, Ubisoft confirmed the upcoming Far Cry 3 will be delayed nearly three months, moving from a September launch date to November 29 (EU) and December 4 (US), 2012 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. “We’’re taking more time to create the best possible gameplay experience. “Far Cry 3 is a huge offering and we want […]

E3 Hands-on Preview: ‘Far Cry 3′ Single Player and Co-op

Far Cry 3 Box Art

From its debut to our hands-on single player and co-op playthroughs at E3 2012, the messaging from Ubisoft about Far Cry 3 has been crystal clear: This is an insane, psychedelic, ultra-mature, no-punches-pulled open world shooter. Also, it has realistic fire and crazed tigers, but more on that later. Far Cry 3 takes us away […]

‘Far Cry 3′ gets four player mission-based co-op


The biggest trend in gaming recently hasn’t been zombies or motion controls, but rather multiplayer modes becoming a bigger and bigger part of each game. We saw Dead Space 3 get a special drop-in co-op, and now, Far Cry 3 will see a new four player mission-based co-op that will allow players to explore an […]

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