Hitman: Absolution review

Hitman: Absolution

The very concept of the Hitman franchise is one that capitalizes on the perceived dark side that we all like to entertain from time to time. Professional assassins aren’t necessarily the most likeable of people, but somehow, IO Interactive has had players coming back for more of Agent 47 since he debuted in 2000’s Hitman: […]

IO Interactive announces ‘Hitman’ Barcode Society


Square Enix and IO Interactive have announced the Barcode Society, a website dedicated to all things Hitman. The blog, run by IO Interactive, will be your source for all Hitman news, looks behind-the-scenes, access to the game’s developers, and information regarding development of the bald assassin. Additionally, fans will have access to exclusive concept art, […]

‘Hitman: Absolution’ trailer isn’t the quietest ever


The Hitman┬áseries is known for being the ultimate assassin simulator. While several games and series have come along to try and deliver the goods of being an assassin, few have been so open as Hitman. The series has gone dark on us for sometime now with mere teases of a new entry until earlier this […]

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