Opinion: Nostalgia should not sell ‘next-gen’ consoles

Nintendo Super Smash Bros at Best Buy

If you somehow missed the news, thousands of fans’ prayers were recently answered when Nintendo confirmed Majora’s Mask will be available on the 3DS in the spring of 2015. Players have been desperately clamoring to revisit Termina for years and the internet exploded in jubilee when the game’s release was confirmed. Just a few months […]

Opinion: Sunset Overdrive puts fun back in the hands of players


The recently released Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive could not have been released before 2014. Characters spout references to huge shows like Breaking Bad and Doctor Who, and the entire game’s personality hinges on deconstructing the oversaturation of the current gaming industry. But when I pick up my controller and explore Sunset City, I don’t […]

EA Access: My Week of Discovery

EA Access

Is a new subscription service worth it? When EA Access was announced there was a lot of discussion over its value, and potential value, over the course of its life. What games would be available on it? How long would they be available? What other incentives are there for subscribing? Luckily, EA managed to answer […]

Sony calls out the value of EA Access

Andrew House, CES,

Sony fires shots at EA, but could they be jealous of a subscription service that actually offers a good deal by a company that knows what they are doing? Following yesterdays announcement of EA’s Xbox One-exclusive “EA Access” game streaming service, players were speculating online about why the service was unavailable on PlayStation. News has […]

EA Access and the potential of progress


A Digital Subscription Service From The People Who Bring You Football, The Other Football, and Other Sports Titles. EA announced today that it will be expanding its services into the realm of subscription-based gaming, a lá Netflix for movies and television shows, with “EA Access.” Breaking through on the Xbox One, the plan involves releasing […]

E3 2014: Xbox Media Briefing wrap-up


With 2014’s E3 conference being the first time the “next-gen” consoles were available to the public, expectations were very high. Fans are hungry for exclusives, announcements and surprises. When Microsoft’s press conference opened this morning, viewers were promised one thing: games. And Microsoft delivered. What followed was a solid 90 minutes of trailers, demos, and […]

Dance Central: Spotlight Coming This September


Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos announced ‘Dance Central: Spotlight’ exclusively for the Xbox One at the Microsoft Press Conference portion of the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo. ‘Spotlight’ will be a download-only title and will be released sometime in September. The trailer features the songs ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams, ‘Talk Dirty’ by Jason Derulo featuring 2 Chains, […]

Fables: Legends Announced, Beta Coming This Fall


The Fable series has lain dormant for quite sometime ever since Fable on Kinect. That’s all about to change with Fable: Legends. The game is set 400 years before the First Halo and in a first for the series, will be online only. We’ve seen four different characters including a wise-cracking fencer, a tough archer, […]

June’s Xbox One update includes external storage, real name display


Today Microsoft announced the details for the next system update to hit the Xbox One in June. The first new feature will allow for external storage devices to be connected to the console and store games and downloadable content. With USB 3.0, a hard drive with at least 256 GB of storage can be used […]

Opinion: Kinect-less Xbox One is a split-decision victory for Microsoft


Gamers have a very specific set of desires when it comes to how they want to not only experience their games, but also purchase them. When something new is introduced that doesn’t align with what the gaming populous wants, the internet has the potential to be flooded with criticism. That was perhaps most prevalent with […]

Free Games With Gold Finally Coming to Xbox One


Alongside the announcement of a Kinect-free version of the Xbox One, Microsoft revealed that Games with Gold – the service that gives Xbox Live subscribers access to free games – will finally be coming to Xbox One. Games with Gold has already been available on Xbox 360 for about a year, but starting in June, Xbox […]

Microsoft Releasing Xbox One Without Kinect


Microsoft announced Tuesday on Xbox Wire that, despite previous intentions, they will be releasing a version of the Xbox One that does not come with the Kinect sensor. The new version will be available from June 9th and will retail for $399, a one hundred dollar price cut from the launch cost of $499. The […]

Xbox Originals television programming coming soon

Xbox Originals Logo 620x350

One of the first features teased about the Xbox One was full integration with the television, creating an all-in-one media experience. At the initial announcement of the console, Microsoft talked about an exclusive Halo series. Today, via the official Xbox Blog, the first real details were revealed. The Xbox Originals program will be coming to […]

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