Review: XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM Enemy Within

Combat, Evolved Few moments in XCOM are more significant than when your team makes the next big leap forward in taking the fight to the invading aliens. Watching scientists nervously test their first laser weapons, seeing a Firestorm spacecraft lift off its landing pad, or watching a Psi-powered soldier first reach out with their thoughts […]

Unifinished Business: 4/27/2013 – Something for Everyone

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

It’s another week in the books, so it’s time to forget about work and grab the nearest controller or mouse/keyboard combo for some quality gaming sessions. This week didn’t see any huge releases, so the VGW staff again finds themselves playing catch-up on all the great games that have come out that we haven’t had […]

Unfinished Business: 2/22/2013 – Revengeancing and Pokémoning

Unfinished Business

The week is finally behind us and it’s time for us to rattle off what we’re looking forward to playing this weekend and into next week. From the most niche to some of the biggest AAA releases from the past 6 months, to retro handheld titles on Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance, there is […]

Unfinished Business: 2/15/2013 – Backlog Cleansing and Comfort Food


After an extended hiatus, Unfinished Business is back! For those who have joined us over the past 12 months, Unfinished Business is a weekly column where members of the team here at VGW run down what they’re playing during the weekend and into the next week. Even though this month is pretty jam-packed with high […]

‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ gets more difficult with free ‘Second Wave’ content


XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a game where friends nod their heads  in a confused fashion while you regale them with your stories of failure and defeat against alien invaders. Fans of the strategy game can begin working on new stories Tuesday as the free Second Wave content was released to the PS3, Xbox 360 and […]

‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ mod attempts to rebalance game for more control

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Warspace Extension

While modding isn’t officially supported by XCOM: Enemy Unknown yet, one enterprising fellow took it upon himself to rebalance the PC version of the alien invasion strategy game with something he calls the “Warspace Extension.” The mod digs deep into the Firaxis Games files and overhauls weapons, enemies, armor, squads and the strategic layer of […]

‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ first DLC adds new missions, early access to powerful weapon

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Slingshot Promo Image

The first of two DLC packs for XCOM: Enemy Unknown was announced by 2K Games and Firaxis Games on Tuesday. The Slingshot Content Pack sends players on a series of missions for the Council that can result in early access to the Blaster Launcher. Those that purchase the Slingshot Content Pack for XCOM will be notified by […]

Unlimited Ammo #51: The Overwatch Hour

Hey, can we talk about XCOM yet???

And we’re back in business! This week, Jen, Jason, Jim, Russell and Scott return to discuss the latest Nintendo ad campaign, BioShock: Infinite and the Halo 4 leak. Jason, Jim and Scott reveal that they are obsessed with XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Seriously obsessed, people. Jen long ago abandoned hope of ever controlling this conversation. Eventually, […]

Top 5 gameplay tips for ‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

While everyone else has been slinking about the sewers of Dunwall in Dishonored, I’ve been reliving my golden days in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. If you’ve not yet picked it up, or if you’re just diving in, I have a few tips that should help. 5. Survivability is key When equipping your soldiers early in gameplay, […]

XCOM: Enemy Unknown review

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

You can almost hear the collective forehead slap when gamers hear “re-imagining” tied to a seminal game like X-COM: UFO Defense. Actually, we did with the XCOM first-person shooter announcement in 2010. That changed when Firaxis Games later revealed XCOM: Enemy Unknown to be the true spiritual successor to the original tactical-strategy game –– and […]

Essential Gaming: Top Five Games for October 2012


October is finally here and ready to kick off the Holiday 2012 madness. With so many October 2012 video game releases, narrowing down the list to only five for the sake of this Essential Gaming piece proved difficult, meaning there are definite omissions from this list. While games like Forza Horizon, James Bond 007: Legends, […]

XCOM: Enemy Unknown preview

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

It wasn’t supposed to go down like this. I got cocky. I screwed up. We were investigating a UFO landing out in the backwoods of China. I was in command and thought I had the perfect plan. They usually come together. This time it didn’t and it cost me a man. We cleared the bastards […]

‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ demo lands on Steam

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

A demo for the PC version XCOM: Enemy Unknown is now making crop circles on Steam. The demo walks players through the two tutorial missions from the XCOM: Enemy Unknown‘s single-player campaign. This means you’ll get to experience both the turn-based tactical combat where the next move may be your last and the strategic layer […]

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