‘Theatrhythm Final Fantasy’ now available for iOS devices

theat1 300x168 Theatrhythm Final Fantasy now available for iOS devicesRumors and speculation this week that suggested that the recent Nintendo 3DS hit Theatrhythm Final Fantasy was headed to iOS devices were confirmed earlier today when the game went up on the New Zealand app store. Now, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is also available for free download on the US app store for both iPhones and iPads.

The free version of the game features 2 songs, Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X) and One-Winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII), along with all of the starting characters from the 3DS version. Additional songs and characters must be purchased via an in-app shop. Individual songs are $0.99, while 4-song bundles for each numbered game can be purchased for $2.99. Finally, additional characters can also be purchased for $1.99 each, with Ramza of Final Fantasy Tactics fame being exclusive to the iOS version.

theat2 Theatrhythm Final Fantasy now available for iOS devices

Theatrhythm for iOS has the removed Event music stages, Chaos mode, and the ability to equip characters in the 3DS version in favor of a Quest Medley mode, which features a randomly-selected battle and field stage pairings of varying difficulties. Square Enix has also added the ability for players to compose their own music and share it with others, and hints that they may be sharing pieces from developers in the future.

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