Third-party titles may join Ubisoft’s UPlay service

Uplay 300x147 Third party titles may join Ubisofts UPlay serviceUbisoft has confirmed it may eventually add third-party titles to their PC download service, UPlay. The service, which was originally launched back in 2009, currently offers Ubisoft-only titles such as the upcoming Ghost Recon Online. Last month UPlay made a step closer to the likes of Steam and Origin by offering a digital app and chat function and friends list.

Speaking with MCV, Ubisoft’s Stephanie Perotti said, “We remain open to opportunities. Right now, we’re starting the service with our own games, but as we go forward, we plan to potentially add other titles.” This makes it sound as though UPlay thoroughly intends to move in on Steam’s and Origin’s territory.

Origin came under fire earlier this year when they confirmed they would be offering third-party titles on their service. At the beginning of the summer, Origin confirmed it would host crowdfunded games, which makes us think Ubisoft will eventually have a similar offering.

[via MCV]

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