Trailer out for ‘AC3′ DLC, “Tyranny of King Washington”

AC3 Tyranny of King Washington 300x210 Trailer out for AC3 DLC, Tyranny of King WashingtonWhat if General George Washington, instead of becoming President Washington, seized power and named himself King of America?

That’s the premise of three upcoming DLC packs for Assassin’s Creed 3, called “Tyranny of King Washington“. They’re the bulk of five planned DLC installments for the game, the first of which is out now. The “Hidden Secrets” DLC isn’t part of the Washington three-fer, but all five packs will come as part of the season pass, which costs $29.99 / 2400 Microsoft Points.

The “Tyranny” trailer also showed a new look for Connor, wearing bear skins instead of the typical Assassins gear. According to Kotaku, Connor’s story will also change like Washington’s: he never takes the name Connor, and never becomes an Assassin.

A multi-part story told over three DLC packs is an interesting way to deliver one meaty element through episodic releases, and locks anyone who wants to play into a minimum of three DLC purchases. At that point, most would probably just go ahead and buy the season pass instead of shelling out individually per pack. That’s crafty like a Templar, Ubisoft.

So keep an eye out for Washington and his Washingtons (NSFW).

He’s coming…  He’s coming… He’s coming.

[ via Joystiq, Kotaku ]

0 Trailer out for AC3 DLC, Tyranny of King Washington
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  1. Michael Thomas says:

    Just a game that will brain wash youth, that gives the youth a racial memory of a good man being evil, and everything that George Washington and the other founding fathers stood for, which is Freedom and Truth; twisting it and making it look evil, while the youth play a heartless assassin that goes around killing founders. This game can kiss my as^

    • It’s a work of fiction sir. The game itself clearly states that it is a fictionalized account of history. The new DLC offers a different take on history, a “what if” scenario.

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