Treyarch adds new ‘Competition’ playlist to Black Ops

Treyarch has decided to add a new playlist to Call of Duty: Black Ops, one that they hope will help cut down on the problems that people are experiencing with the game. It is known as the “Competition” playlist, located in the Barebones section of game types. The playlist bans many of the various weapons and gear used in the normal game types. The list of banned items include…

BLACKOPS 300x167 Treyarch adds new Competition playlist to Black Ops

Screenshot from Treyarch's video running down the list of banned items in the new playlist.

Weapons – M72 Law, RPG , Strela-3, China Lake

Perks – Flak Jacket, Warlord , Second Chance

Attachments - Rapid Fire, Grenade Launcher, Flamethrower

All Equipment

Tactical Grenades – Nova Gas, Decoy

If you decide to use a class with any of the banned items from above in the “Competition” playlist, it will simply disable them, replacing your perks with “None” and taking away the banned equipment, weapons, or attachments. It will have 4 vs. 4 matches, and it appears that it will work much like Mosh Pit, where it is a mix of the many game types available in the game. Because it is part of the Barebones section, there is already a restriction on Killstreaks, and because there are no Killstreaks, Hardline and Ghost become (almost) useless.

If there is anything that you could point to and say “Treyarch is listening,” it’s this. If you read my article in March on the future of Call of Duty, I had issues with many of these problems, in particular Second Chance and grenade launchers, so this is an excellent addition to the game for those who were on my end of the argument.

For the announcement of the playlist, check out Treyarch’s video on their Facebook page.

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  1. It is going to be 4v4, not 6v6.

  2. I’m surprised things like the FAMAS aren’t on there, and I’m really surprised Flak jacket is on there. I think that was a fantastic edition. But why Nova gas? That’s not over powered at all…. This list does not make sense.

    • Somecrap31 says:

      Pretty much every gun is allowed, and the reason why nova gas is banned is because it slows down the game if used right.

  3. does any1 else have the first strike playlist why has it been deleted WTF

  4. I wish they had a separate Competition playlist as I’m not much of a fan of objective and would like the choice of just playing TDM.

    I still don’t see why they don’t just remove Last Stand from the game completely. Barely anyone would react negatively, in fact I think it would be celebrated!

  5. Cg Bliitz says:

    Shame you can’t have 2 players playing at once on one screen in this playlist… Even though me and my brother both pay for LIVE we can’t both play this game type with our team.

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