UK gamers buy 2M titles at retail last week

gamesales 300x199 UK gamers buy 2M titles at retail last weekMarket watch site MCV reported that UK video game retail sales figures were pretty good last week, but still overall lower from last year.

They said UK retailers sold 2,075,634 games for a total revenue of more than  £50M, and an 11 percent increase in unit sales. These purchases were driven by deep discounts on games such as Medal of Honor, Halo, Hitman, Need for Speed and others, while Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 remains the top seller in the UK.

MCV says it’s still not enough to turn around yearly figures in the UK, which is looking at a 28.3 decrease in overall retails sales as compared to 2011.

Most analysts are convinced sagging retail sales are being driven by the rise of digital distribution, though the current age of this console generation certainly would play into that downward pressure as well.

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