‘Uncharted 3′ gets ‘Killzone 3′ themed downloadable content

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Source: PlayStation Blog

In Uncharted 3‘s multiplayer, there exists a decent number of character customizations that players can sink their teeth into in order to create an ideal online representation. Luckily, Naughty Dog also recognizes that there are times when players just want to play as somebody else, and not worry about petty things such as creating awesome custom characters. While there are some cool options for multiplayer skins built into the game itself, particularly through the premium “Fortune Hunters” club (that costs $25), few can claim to be as awesome as the crossover DLC released today.

With the new Helghast pack, which released today with PlayStation Network’s weekly update, players are able to skin up as a Capture Trooper from Killzone 3. The character will certainly stick out among other Uncharted 3 online characters, as it features a look that much of the PlayStation faithful will instantly recognize.

For those that do, in fact, want to customize their character further, the pack also features an ISA Helmet, as well as a Helghast Helmet accessory. The pack sells for a measly $1.49, and features all three of these items. Members of the aforementioned Fortune Hunters club will receive this pack for free.

[via PlayStation Blog]

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