Unfinished Business: 2/15/2013 – Backlog Cleansing and Comfort Food

After an extended hiatus, Unfinished Business is back! For those who have joined us over the past 12 months, Unfinished Business is a weekly column where members of the team here at VGW run down what they’re playing during the weekend and into the next week.

Even though this month is pretty jam-packed with high profile releases, it looks as though the VGW staff is taking this time to dig into their backlogs or cleanse their pallets from playing Aliens: Colonial Marines. Check out what we’re rocking this weekend and let us know what you have on your agenda.

halo 4 oxcgn screenshot 11 610x343 Unfinished Business: 2/15/2013   Backlog Cleansing and Comfort Food

Brian Shea, Editor-in-Chief

Following my time with Aliens: Colonial Marines, I wanted to take my Saturday evening and play a game with far superior shooting mechanics: Halo 4. I’ve been really digging into Team Swat (I’m so glad 343 added the mode after it missing at launch), and I occasionally jump on to play a little Flood. When I’m not doing that, I may find the motivation to finally start playing games from 2012 that I’m ashamed to have no touched yet. One of these days, I promise I’ll play Journey and The Walking Dead, but I also am thinking that tonight is the night I buy Fire Emblem: Awakening. Then, if you follow me on Twitter, you know that most nights end with me playing old school Pokemon games until I fall asleep, hitting myself in the face with my Game Boy Advance, so I’m sure some of that nonsense will take place as well.

Stu Strock, Staff Writer

I’m dividing my time fairly evenly between The Witcher 2 and Ultima Online. It’s my first time through The Witcher series and holy butts is it amazing. As for Ultimate Online, I’m reliving my glory days of becoming a grandmaster blacksmith and outfitting would-be adventurers to the nines. I’m on a newer shard called Ultima Online Forever, based on Renaissance Era UO. As soon as the weekend’s up, though, it’ll be on to Metal Gear Rising.

System Shock 2 HD Wallpaper 610x381 Unfinished Business: 2/15/2013   Backlog Cleansing and Comfort Food

Jake Baldino, Staff Writer

Now that everyone’s moved on from the mess that was Aliens: Colonial Marines, I’m looking forward to kicking back with a PC classic. System Shock 2 has gotten a shiny new retail release on GOG.com, and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it. It’s been ages since I’ve played, and can’t wait to relive the magic. Also, it’ll serve as a great primer for the incoming BioShock Infinite.

Russell Jones, Staff Writer

After some time messing around on a new SWTOR Trooper, I’m ready to pick my abandoned lvl 50 Jedi Sentinel up again. There’s a relatively-new quest to give first-time 50s a full set of Tionese gear, so once I get armed I’m going to blitz Hard-mode Flashpoints while searching for pieces of the scattered assassin droid HK-51. Bemused Statement: I wonder how he’ll feel when he gets put back together by another Jedi…

After that, it’s back into some more XCOM. That alien base isn’t going to assault itself, but I feel like I need to spend some more time upgrading my squad’s gear before I rush in laser-pistols-blazing. And yes, I’m playing on Easy: getting two whole squads wiped out on Normal convinced me it was time to dial it back just a bit.

 Unfinished Business: 2/15/2013   Backlog Cleansing and Comfort Food

Dylan Garner, Contributor

This week I’ve dedicated my time in Street Fighter X Tekken. The 2013 patch made it into a brand new game, it’s like learning it all over again. Seeing the new things that are possible is really incredible, and it motivates me to get better and better every day. I’m hoping to take my Nina to my first tournament in the next few months, it should be very exciting! I’m currently trying to write some features related to the game, including a diagnosis of some of the game’s strongest characters.

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