Unfinished Business: 2/22/2013 – Revengeancing and Pokémoning

The week is finally behind us and it’s time for us to rattle off what we’re looking forward to playing this weekend and into next week. From the most niche to some of the biggest AAA releases from the past 6 months, to retro handheld titles on Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance, there is no shortage of diversity in what our staff is tackling. Check out what we have on our agenda this weekend.

67973 Pokemon Trading Card Game Europe EnEsIt 1 610x381 Unfinished Business: 2/22/2013   Revengeancing and Pokémoning

Brian Shea, Editor-in-Chief

Today kicks off a week full of travel, so I’ll be spending most of my week away from my consoles, so most of my gaming will be handheld or mobile. As I head to Manhattan for the weekend, I’m bringing along my Game Boy Advance SP with Pokémon LeafGreen and Pokémon: Trading Card Game from the Game Boy Color library. What can I say? I’m feeling nostalgic. In addition to those two retro titles, I also packed my 3DS, which has a freshly-downloaded copy of Fire Emblem: Awakening. I’ve only made it through the tutorial so far, but much like the tutorial of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, it gives me just enough of a taste to know that I’m going to be in trouble with this one. So many hours will vanish from my life over the next month or so.

After I get back from NYC on Sunday, I’m going to be heading to Seven Springs in Pennsylvania for the rest of the week to partake in some snowboarding and lodge-living. In between those two activities, however, I’ll still have my trusty Game Boy Advance SP with its plethora of Mario and Pokémon titles to keep me occupied. During the few hours that I will be near my Xbox 360, I’ll be trying to make my way through the first two games in the Dead Space and Crysis franchises, seeing as how both of those series have new releases that I want to play.

Jen Bosier, Managing Editor

I am, quite literally, game-less right now. I finished Dead Space 3 and now I’m waiting for Etrian Odysssey IV. I feel weird being in a slump, but I don’t want to commit to another game with so much on the horizon. I will probably spend the weekend farming cheevos in Dead Space 3 or DmC. Because I’m that person.

starfy screens 610x323 Unfinished Business: 2/22/2013   Revengeancing and Pokémoning

Anne Lee, Copy Editor

I tend to play so many games at once that it’s difficult to keep track of them all, and this week’s no different. While my main dish has been a heaping serving of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, I’ve been finding The Legendary Starfy, a delightfully colorful platformer for the Nintendo DS, to be the perfect palette-cleanser. While the Starfy series has seen some negativity due to its low difficulty and comparatively ho-hum level design, I’ve found myself helplessly sucked in by its adorable charm and Cooking Mama-like takoyaki making mini-game. Since I’ve made it my personal goal to finish at least one game from my backlog every month this year, I’m going to try to make the final push to complete The Legendary Starfy during this last weekend of February.

Russell Jones, Staff Writer

I just downloaded XCOM for PC after catching it on sale, so I plan on fragging aliens and dissecting them until the cows come home. Hopefully un-probed, that is.

I’m also still working my way through BioShock. I just unlocked my first weapon upgrade, and am working my way through the now-desiccated underwater forests of Arcadia trying to recreate the Lazarus vector. I remember this was the part in my first play through where I recalled things really getting tense, as Andrew Ryan slowly brought his considerable forces to bear against me. It’s been a while since I first beat the game, and I’m strangely itching to confront him again.

[Editor’s Note: You can keep up with Russell’s progress as he replays the BioShock series through our Series Replay column]

METAL GEAR RISING REVENGEANCE S01 610x343 Unfinished Business: 2/22/2013   Revengeancing and Pokémoning

Stu Strock, Staff Writer

This week it’s Metal GearMetal GearMetal Gear. I’ll be hacking and slashing cyborgs all week, and I fully expect to play the game over and over until I have unlocked everything. I also plan to reserve a playthrough solely for running around in Raiden’s classy mariachi outfit. Seriously, if you like fun, you should give Metal Gear Rising a shot. You might even forget it contains the word “revengeance.”

I’m also continuing my adventures in Ultima Online Forever. I broke 80.0 on my mining skill! Though, for a beefy blacksmith with maxed out strength, it’s pretty embarrassing to get killed by a timber wolf. It just goes to show how important skills are, but who had time for fighting when there are so many video game blacksmith quotes to shout at people? Should you ever find yourself in good old Britannia, keep an eye out for Rory the blacksmith, and try not to cringe when he asks you, “Looking to protect yourself, or deal some damage?”

Scott Grill, Staff Writer

I’ll be playing Halo 4 this weekend to check out the first title update and see how it changes the game. There’s also the new competitive Team Throwdown playlist to dive into, since I’ve only gotten in one match so far this week.

I’ll likely also be doing a little analogue gaming since I got my kids hooked on Settlers of Catan last weekend. Let’s see if I’m able to stifle any “wood for sheep” jokes.

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