Unfinished Business: 3/1/2013 – Backlogging before the Storm

It’s that time again! The weekend is nearly here and it’s time to bust out the games for the weekend. As we ready ourselves for the onslaught of games that are coming this month, we’re taking this time to dig deep into our backlogs and try to knock out a few more titles before March 6, when the month-long game release madness begins. Check out what we’re playing this weekend and into the beginning of next week, and let us know what you’re pumping your time into this weekend.

deadspace 610x343 Unfinished Business: 3/1/2013   Backlogging before the Storm

Brian Shea, Editor-in-Chief

I’m going to be traveling until Sunday evening, so for me, gaming is going be all portable. While last weekend I had my 3DS and Game Boy Advance, this weekend I only brought my Game Boy Advance with Pokémon LeafGreen, so that is what I will be throwing all of my gaming time at.

Once I return home, however, I’m going to crack my knuckles and try to get back into Dead Space, as I failed to do so during the one night that I was with my Xbox this past week. My problem is that I’ve hit a point where I’m out of ammo and am completely overrun by Necromorphs. Jen keeps telling me to master the art of “Stasis then Stomp,” so I guess that’s what I’ll be doing. Once Tomb Raider comes out, however, I have a feeling I’ll be playing that, as it looks and sounds phenomenal.

Jen Bosier, Managing Editor

Etrian Odyssey IV, Atlus’ latest JRPG for the 3DS, is definitely a call back to old school RPGs. And by old school, I mean pen and paper. There is little by way of story, and characters are simply classes you pick up and name. There are several mechanics in place that I really dig, including the need to make your own maps of dungeons. It’s not the most compelling game, but it’s fun and obviously meant to be the type of thing you pick up and play whenever you can. My only gripe is: Y U no Vita?

EO4 Teaser Trailer English Unfinished Business: 3/1/2013   Backlogging before the Storm

Anne Lee, Copy Editor

After my pleasantly mellow sojourn with The Legendary Starfy last weekend, I’m now moving on to… even more mellow things. My heart calls out for Fishing Resort and Katawa Shoujo in what I believe is an attempt to counteract the extreme frustration I face playing Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, so I’m just going to roll with it. Ni no Kuni may be pretty, but that battle system leaves much to be desired!

I’ve already put some time into Katawa Shoujo, a free 18+ visual novel featuring a high school student who is forced to come to terms with a recently-developed disability and find friends (and romance) along the way. I’ve already been blown away by the production quality and surprisingly delicate care the game takes to address issues surrounding acceptance and disabilities in the game, and am looking forward to complete at least one of the routes over the weekend. My main focus, however, will be Fishing Resort, an overlooked Wii game that I’ve selected to be the game I’ll beat from my backlog in March. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in it mainly for the ice fishing.

Jake Baldino, Staff Writer

This weekend I’ll be jumping back into Assassin’s Creed 3. With the announcement of AC4: Black Flag, I’ve finally convinced myself to give AC3 one more shot. Also, the George Washington DLC looks like something worth checking out. I grew tired of AC3 halfway through, but I’m hoping to reignite the Assassin flame with an extended playthrough!

the witcher 2 assassins of kings 610x343 Unfinished Business: 3/1/2013   Backlogging before the Storm

Stu Strock, Staff Writer

Having played through Metal Gear Rising twice now, my attention has shifted back toward The Witcher 2, with which I’m almost finished. When I inevitably reach the end, my plan is to start the series over again and make drastically different choices—this is a game where large portions of the story could take place in different locations depending on your choices.

My dream of witching anew will not go uninterrupted, however, as Tomb Raider makes its way into my life next week. I can’t wait to try Lara’s new game on for size. Lately, I’ve also found within myself a growing curiosity toward Dwarf Fortress, a game familiar to me only through dark whispers. I’ve read some amazing tales about the open-ended flow to Dwarf Fortess, rivaled only by its supposed crushing learning curve.

To me, it seems an undertaking that would test my patience, but potentially reward my imagination in spades. Nevertheless, the prospect makes me nervous. I think of myself as a fairly “hardcore” gamer, but Dwarf Fortress‘ reputation is intimidating, to say the least.

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